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                  Home / JAMA Technology / products / P20/P30 Charger series

                PD 65W 2C1A GaN Quick Charger

                  1. Rated Input Voltage/Frequence:100~240V / 50~60Hz

                  2. Input Current:<2.0A

                  3.1. Rated Output Voltage/Current 1:USB C1/C2: 3.3-11V/3A or 5V3A or 9V3A or 12V3A or 15V3A or 20V3.25A

                  2.2. Rated Output Voltage/Current 2:USB A:5V3A or 9V3A or 12V3A or 20V1.5A

                  3.3. Rated Output Voltage/Current 3:USB C1+C2+USB A:C1:45W + 15W

                  4. Inrush Current:<100A

                  5. Ripple&Noise:<120mV

                  6. Protection Function:OCP,OVP,SCP,OTP

                  7. Surge immunity:Common mode:2KV Max;Differential mode:1KV Max

                  8. Rated Oputput Power:65W max

                  9. Efficiency Level:VI

                  10. Input Plug:CN,US

                  11. Whether with Y capacitor:Yes

                  12. Product Size:75*32*36mm

                  13. Protocol:PD3.0/ QC4.0/ PPS

                  14. Safety certification:CCC

                  15. Operating temperature range:0℃ to +40℃, 10%RH to 90%RH

                  16. Product Model:MS-V3250U200-065B0

                  17. Application:Mobile phones, Game machine, Tablets, Laptops and other 3C products

                Service hotline:(86-755) 2765-7000

                Online consultation

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